Week of Action to #CancelRent April 20th-27th

Worried about rent? It has never been clearer how important housing is to our collective well-being. We have won some important protections to ensure that people are housed and not evicted during this state of emergency, but we also know that many of these protections will only defer the crisis for our communities.

We are calling for a full cancellation of rents and mortgages because:

•      We refuse to let this recovery be on our backs. Big real estate has already begun ensuring its bailout, but renters are looking at unprecedented debt when emergency protections are lifted.  Many of us will still be out of work or making less, but we will owe thousands of dollars on top of our ongoing expenses. Many will not be able to pay back this money and will be at risk of eviction in October if we can’t come up with the whole amount.

•      The rents were already too high. Nearly 1 in 4 San Francisco renters already was paying over 50% of their income to rent before the crisis. This is a marker of deeply unaffordable housing, with prices artificially driven up by Wall Street speculators.

Week of Action to #CancelRent April 20th-27th

We invite you to join us in demanding bold leadership to protect 17 million tenants in California and #CancelRent for a #DebtFreeFuture for those affected by Coronavirus.

April 20th – calling action day on Governor Newsom

April 22nd – car caravan at the Capitol (details TBA)

April 27th– Virtual Town Hall with Governor Newsom (time TBA)

Can you join any or all of these actions? Click here to RSVP

Statewide Rent Strike May 1st/June 1st

If the Governor fails to #CancelRent for those affected by Coronavirus, we are preparing to call for a statewide rent strike May 1st or June 1st. Already nearly 70 local rent strikes are happening throughout California as tracked by this map from our partners the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. Will you join us?

Individual tenants who can’t pay, won’t pay:

  • Don’t go at it alone! Submit this form for rent strike organizing support
  • If you receive an eviction notice, don’t leave! You are protected by the state Judicial Council’s eviction moratorium and will have time to get legal advice and respond 90 days after the Governor’s State of Emergency related to Coronavirus expires.
  • If your landlord pressures you to sign a repayment plan or new contract, don’t rush to sign it! Because evictions are currently paused from going forward you have time to consider terms of an agreement.

Already made a collective decision with fellow tenants to strike? Add your rent strike to this map.

For community organizations / labor unions

Issue your own demand to #CancelRent and join our meetings to prepare for a May 1st or June 1st statewide rent strike. Feel free to use our language and demands for inspiration.

Get connected with us:

Fill out this form if you are willing to work with tenants in organizing a strike

Filling out the form will invite you to:

  • Join weekly campaign calls with Tenants Together and Homes for all California
  • Join upcoming rent strike webinars/check-ins
  • Be connected to tenants and attorneys in your city interested in rent strikes

For Attorneys

Fill out this form if you are willing to represent tenants in organizing a rent strike.

Filling out the form will invite you to:

  • Connection to organizers running rent strikes
  • Network with other attorneys helping with rent strikes
  • Brief bank
  • CLEs
Rent Strike graphic by Josh McPhee, Just Seeds 2020

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