400 Tenants from across state attend California Renter Power Assembly

Approximately 400 tenants, organizers, and advocates came together last weekend for the biggest statewide tenants’ rights convention in recent memory. Hosted by Tenants Together, Homes for All, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), and Right to the City Alliance, the California Renter Power convention was energizing and inspiring.

tenants in bleachers at statewide Renters Convention

photo credit: Timo Saarelma, LA Tenants Union

Most cities don’t have laws that stop landlords from increasing the rent however much they want. Even laws that do exist are continually undermined. Landlords, developers and real estate speculators make millions while we face the trauma of rising rents, evictions, displacement and homelessness. Communities can’t thrive in these conditions.

The assembly focused on strengthening and expanding rent control in more cities in California, and repealing Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, the state law that limits local rent control. Tenants from across the state came away from the weekend firm in our commitment to build a tenant movement from the ground up, knowing it is up to us to end the housing and displacement crisis.

Local news outlets like the East Bay Times, KALW, and even national outlets like The Nation featured excellent coverage of the inspiring event.  View photos from the event here or on the Facebook event page.


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