Keep 100-Year-Old Iris Canada in her home!

EVICTION = ELDER ABUSE:  Tell Sheriff Hennessy NOT to evict our beloved elder!

Keep 100-Year-Old Iris Canada in her home!Yesterday, Judge Robertson ordered Sheriff Hennessy to evict Ms. Iris Canada anytime without notice. This order could cause serious harm and even death, since Iris is in fragile health. Imagine if you were 100 years old and knew the sheriff could come drag you out of your home at any moment. Join us tomorrow in front of her home to demand the Sheriff resist this inhumane order. 670 Page Street, San Francisco at noon:  Come tell Sheriff Hennessy NOT to evict our beloved elder!

Ms. Iris Canada has lived in her Fillmore home for over 50 years. She deserves to live peacefully in her home without further harassment. Join us in standing up for one of the oldest remaining black elders in San Francisco!

Since the Judge has ordered an eviction without proper notice, we are preparing to be ready at any time. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we here more. Stay on high Alert!  A huge showing of support and resilience will send a clear message that we will not stand for such human rights violations.

Sign up for the Eviction Defense Emergency response list here.

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