First They Came For Our Homes… Together We Fight Back!


Art, Music, Creative Action for Housing Justice
October 27th 6-7:30pm
Meet at 24th BART Station, SF
(be there before 6:30, the festivities will be mobile)

Join the San Francisco Anti-Displacement Coalition, Coalition on Homelessness, housed and unhoused residents, friends and neighbors in saying YES to Homes for All and NO to realtor-backed and hate-filled propositions that degrade our right to housing and the city. NO on Prop P, U, Q and R!!!

We need everyone to join and celebrate this united front for housing justice. Bring your friends, bring your neighbors, bring noise makers!

Realtors and speculators are inflating our rents to inflate their profits and writing legislation that facilitates evictions. Meanwhile, politicians are working for moneyed interests and criminalizing homelessness to boost their careers. For many, losing housing means homelessness, yet being homeless in SF is essentially illegal. We have a right to home, to family, to futures, to exist! Homes for All is POSSIBLE!

First they came for our homes.
Then they came for our tents.
Our lives are worth more
than their profits off rents!

Stand Together Resist Displacement!


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