July 2018: The Cost of Costa Hawkins

This report examines the impacts of The Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, a statewide law that limits rent control.  Featuring a history of the context in which the law passed and stories from tenants who have been impacted by the legislation, the report also contains in-depth analysis of data detailing the impact that this state law has had on San Francisco and other cities’ ability to stabilize rents and stem displacement of long-time residents.

English read-on-screen version

El Precio de Costa Hawkins: Spanish Version

柯斯塔-霍金斯法的代價: Chinese Version

2015: San Francisco’s Eviction Crisis 2015

San Francisco’s housing and affordability crisis has been bad for years but new data and reports from the field show that it about to get even worse.  New data from the Rent Board shows that efforts to evict tenants are reaching levels not seen in over a decade. This report, based upon published and unpublished data from the Rent Board, examines the types of evictions justifications that are forcing tenants from their homes.   We review the historic trends in evictions and discuss how landlords are abusing loopholes in the city’s rent control ordinance to evict innocent tenants.  And we seek to provide some of the stories of real people whose lives are being impacted. Finally, we conclude with a forecast for the future.  Based upon present trends and absent a more robust policy response to the present crisis, it appears likely that the rates of eviction will dramatically increase this year, resulting in even more massive displacement and gentrification.

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